The TUM Senior Excellence Faculty of the Technical University of Munich – A 15-year success story

Published: October 17, 2022
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  • Michael Molls Chairman TUM Senior Excellence Faculty, Director TUM Institute for Advanced Study EoE, Radiotherapy, and Radiological Oncology, Germany.
  • Birgit Herbst-Gaebel Scientific Officer, TUM Senior Excellence Faculty Microbiologist/Immunobiologist, Germany.
  • Jörg Eberspächer Co-Chairman TUM Senior Excellence Faculty EoE, Communication Networks, Germany.
  • Herrmann Auernhammer EoE, Technology in Crop Cultivation and Landscape Conservation, Germany.
  • Georg Färber Past-Chairman TUM Senior Excellence Faculty (2010- 2016) EoE, Real-Time Computing, Germany.
  • Klaus Mainzer President European Academy of Sciences and Arts EoE, Philosophy, and Philosophy of Science, Germany.
  • Winfried Petry EoE, Experimental Physics – Functional Materials, Germany.
  • Winfried Petry Experimental Physics – Functional Materials, Germany.
  • Ralf Reichwald EoE, Business Administration – Information, Organization, and Management, Germany.
  • Kristina Reiss Ombudsperson TUM EoE, Mathematics Education (Heinz Nixdorf Endowment Chair), Germany.
  • Peter Wilderer EoE, Water Quality, and Waste Management, Germany.
  • Thomas F. Hofmann President, TUM, Germany.

The article presents the unique and highly interdisciplinary initiative "TUM Senior Excellence Faculty (SEF)" of the Technical University of Munich (TUM). At TUM, selected outstanding professors are awarded the honorary title "TUM Emeritus of Excellence (EoE)" on retirement. The EoE sustain their commitment to their alma mater and support essential tasks of the university. Here, we provide deeper insight into the idea of the SEF and its responsibility to society and outline the mission, concept, organization, and activities of individual EoE. We offer a glimpse at their work by example of their interdisciplinary group initiative TUM Forum Sustainability. Finally, we argue that this strategic project should serve as a model for other universities.



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Molls, M., Herbst-Gaebel, B., Eberspächer, J., Auernhammer, H., Färber, G., Mainzer, K., Petry, W., Petry, W., Reichwald, R., Reiss, K., Wilderer, P., & Hofmann, T. F. (2022). The TUM Senior Excellence Faculty of the Technical University of Munich – A 15-year success story. Proceedings of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, 1(1).