Review Process

Manuscripts are assigned to a relevant Editorial Board Member. After assessment, they may be assigned to generally two but occasionally to more peer-reviewers. In addition to adherence to common scientific standards, reviewers should assess the interdisciplinarity of the submission, as well as the understandability across disciplinary boundaries. If necessary, reviewers should request that the authors revise their manuscript according to these criteria.

Guest Editor assessment

A Guest Editor can be invited if he/she is an active scientist in the field most relevant to the targeted research area. The guest editor manages the peer review process for papers in their field and determines suitability of work for PEASA. With oversight from the Editorial Board, Guest Editors determine suitability of the submitted work for PEASA.

Peer Reviewers

Research papers across all submission are peer-reviewed by at least two (2) independent experts. If a paper is sent out for review, the EASA Member Editor or Guest Editor selects recognized subject experts to review the work. The Editors evaluate the reviewers’ comments and make a recommendation to the Editorial Board Member, who makes the final decision to accept or reject your paper.

A member or guest editor will typically secure two independent peer reviews. However, a single negative review, with which the editor agrees, may be sufficient to recommend rejection. The names of the reviewers of Submissions are confidential and not shared, unless express permission is granted by the reviewers. Submissions may have open peer review (named reviewers).