Guidelines for authors

The PEASA requires simultaneous submission of original data and code to publicly available scientific data repositories. The data repository should be clearly referenced in the manuscript at the end of the result section.

PEASA is format-neutral at initial submission, which means that manuscripts do not need to be formatted according to specific journal guidelines to be considered for review. We do, however, require the following information in order to evaluate a manuscript:

  1. A manuscript file (in any format) including the following:
    • Title page (title, author list, classification, keywords)
    • Structured abstract
    • Significance statement
    • Main text
    • References
    • Figures or tables with appropriate legends (may be uploaded separately)
    • Supplemental information files (may be uploaded separately)
  2. Contact and conflict of interest information for all authors.
  3. Institutional ethical review information. If applicable
  4. Data sharing plans (for all data, documentation, and code used in analysis).
  5. Funding information and whether an open access license has been selected.
  6. A list of appropriate Editorial Board EASA members, three EASA members and additional qualified reviewers (minimum of two) who are experts in the paper’s scientific area or have interdisciplinary relevance.

PEASA will consider manuscripts for review as long as all components listed above are included in the submission. More granular details on manuscript formatting, including guidance on information to include in each section of the file, are included in the Manuscript Formatting Guidelines.

Download the PEASA template